Tomoo Gokita
Japanese, born 1969
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Pace Prints at The Armory Show 2018,
Pace Prints
Pace Prints at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2018,
Pace Prints
Tomoo Gokita,
Blum & Poe

Tomoo Gokita’s gray-scale paintings depict archetypal figures, such as a pin-up girl or a geisha, with their faces concealed. With a background in graphic design, the Tokyo-based artist was initially inspired to create art by his love of manga and animation. His paintings reflect these pop cultural influences, evoking iconic celebrity headshots and pornographic magazines. Executed with extreme technical precision, his erasure of the face through Neo-expressionistic flourishes or scraping gestures disturbs and adds a humorous element to his compositions.