T.R. Ericsson
American, born 1972
Selected exhibitions
TR Ericsson: Industrial Poems / Poèmes Industriels,
Harlan Levey Projects
TR Ericsson: Cinders,
Albertz Benda
TR Ericsson- All My Love, Always No Matter What,
Harlan Levey Projects

T.R. Ericsson creates haunting images through elaborate silkscreen and photographic processes. His series of photographs titled “Etant Donnés 2” (2010), in homage to Marcel Duchamp’s Etant Donnés (1946-66), depicted a nude woman in unusual outdoor surroundings—lying in shallow water, for instance. With her face never clearly visible and her body often sprawling over twigs and brush, at first glance the photo-based images suggest a crime scene; however, Ericsson, like Duchamp before him, is exploring ideas of love. Likewise, the series “Nicotine Dreams” (2008) references familial love and mortality, inspired by the artist’s mother’s terminal years. Smoldering cigarettes placed beneath silkscreens allow the nicotine to create pictorial stains while destroying the screen, resulting in golden-hued, nostalgic images of a Christmas tree, a house, and other sentimental imagery. The pungent …

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