Travis Boyer
American, born 1979
Hello Project Gallery at NADA Miami Beach 2015,
Hello Project Gallery
Travis Boyer "Do we agree?",
Hello Project Gallery

Favoring socio-kinetic art and generative group activities, Travis Boyer is motivated by an interest in the visual and tactile potential of textiles, as well as the intimacy and sensuality of fabrics. His successive performative works like Crocking Off The Bloom and Indigo Girls, for example, allow viewers to thrust articles of clothing into vats of dye—the end products depend upon the specific make-up and quality of the fabric, and the length of time for which the clothing is submerged. Similarly, Boyer’s series of site- and context-specific cyanotype photograms on indigo silk document silhouettes of the belts of friends, lovers, and fellow artists, and sunlight in New York’s Fire Island, California’s Joshua Tree, and Mexico’s Taxco. Boyer’s more recent paintings on velvet investigate the formal qualities of the fabric, resulting in a parallax effect.

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