Tula Telfair
American, born 1961
Selected exhibitions
Forum Gallery at Seattle Art Fair 2018,
Forum Gallery
Land & Sea & Sky,
MM Fine Art
Tula Telfair,
Heather Gaudio Fine Art

Resembling the panoramas of 19-century American landscape painting, Tula Telfair’s big-skied, epic landscapes capture elements of the sublime. However, these vistas are drawn from her imagination, and visual clues—such as pure color stripes that frame the paintings—remind viewers of their artifice. Espousing an ideal of nature untouched by humanity, Telfair treads a fine line between reality and fantasy. Her meditative titles give no indication of the sources for her subject matter and are intended, Telfair has declared, to distance viewers from associations with particular places, inviting viewers’ own interpretations. “I am interested in the subjectivity of perception and the power of memory, using illusion to trigger recollections of things past,” she says.