Uri Aran
Israeli, born 1977
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
mother's tankstation at Dallas Art Fair 2017,
mother's tankstation
SculptureCenter at NADA New York 2014,
SculptureCenter at NADA Miami Beach 2014,

Uri Aran’s sculptures and installations, composed of familiar objects, make frequent use of the table as a stage for everyday items such as personal photographs, cookies, or stuff found lying around his studio. Aran focuses on process, constantly arranging and reorganizing these objects and creating presentations connected by narrative threads. The curator Bartholomew Ryan wrote that Aran “makes use of familiar objects, from detritus to mementos, to bring the everyday into tension with the highly gestural, moving fluently between mediums and building meaning through accumulation.” His process also suggests design thinking, as the artist explores how a complex network of ideas can be flattened into a logical system.