Verne Dawson
American, born 1961
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
New York By Night,
HDM Gallery
Verne Dawson, Mermaid Money,
Galerie Eva Presenhuber
The World as Will and Wallpaper,
Le Consortium

In his still lifes, portraits, allegorical scenes, and abstract works, Verne Dawson investigates the continuities that persist in human nature and culture, exploring how they are chronicled through narrative and visual representation. Examining the subjects of myth, folklore, astrology, and pagan spirituality, Dawson attempts to re-forge the connection between humanity’s past and present and depict a world in which the human race exists in harmony with the natural world. Dawson’s childlike technique and naïve approach have prompted comparisons to Outsider Art, though Dawson’s compositions are carefully crafted rather than generated intuitively or compulsively.

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