Vikky Alexander
Canadian, born 1959
Selected exhibitions
Vikky Alexander: 1981-1983,
Downs & Ross
Vikky Alexander: 1981-1993,
Downs & Ross
Theatergarden Beastiarium,
Wilding Cran Gallery

Vikky Alexander creates sculpture, collage, and installation works, though she is perhaps best known for her conceptual photographs that feature landscaped gardens and architectural forms. Alexander sums up her interests as “the interaction/collision of architecture and nature,” and “a utopian desire in being as close to nature as possible without necessarily realizing that nature is chaotic and not necessarily benign.” Alexander produced her first photographic series, addressing the idealization of glamor and beauty in print media, in 1986, before shifting to examine the artificiality of constructed environments. Her subjects often revolve around her travels and the history of the British colonies; among her most famous works are the “Island” series (2011), which features London’s Kew Gardens. Alexander is a former student of Dan Graham and Vito Acconci.