Walter Gropius
German-American, 1883-1969
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

The nephew of famed architect Martin Gropius, Walter Gropius emerged from World War I seeking to reinvent society through the advent of a new kind of architecture and design, which he pursued as a founder of the Bauhaus School. With the Bauhaus, Gropius articulated a vision of arts education and modernity that was democratic, utilitarian, and which called for a unification of art and technology. Although Gropius remained active after fleeing Germany following the school’s disbandment under the Nazis, one of his seminal works was the Bauhaus Building itself, on the school’s second campus in Dessau. Adapting each wing of the building to serve its specific function, Gropius produced a building that epitomized the Bauhaus ideology— incorporating all variety of artistic and industrial design—brandishing it with the school’s name in its eponymous font on the façade.

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