Wang Dalin
Chinese, born 1949
Celebrating 35 Years of Promoting Chinese Contemporary Art,
Alisan Fine Arts
A Passion for Horses,
Alisan Fine Arts

Merging a Western style of painting with an East Asian perspective, Wang Dalin’s paintings are characterized by strong colors and short daubs of paint. On the surface, Dalin’s work resembles that of artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Edvard Munch, particularly in terms of color saturation and spatial construction. Dalin, however, says he is more interested in the Chinese literati painter Huang Binhong, who is known for his explorations of luminosity and the inherent spirit of nature’s landscapes. Dalin’s “A Passion for Horses” (2014) series was created in honor of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse. He used oversaturated hues to capture the majesty of the horse in motion and celebrate the animal’s freedom, strength, and grace.