Wendell Dayton
American, born 1938
Wendell Dayton,
Blum & Poe
Wendell Dayton,
LA Artcore

Wendell Dayton began his artistic career by balancing his passion for art with a practical understanding of form and craft. Born in 1938 in Spokane, Washington, his early interest in drawing and sign painting eventually led him to study art at Indiana University. After finishing college, he worked as a laborer at a stone mill, before becoming a house painter, and later a carpenter, to support his art practice. Influenced by these crafts, he began to create sculptures in the early 1960s, gathering materials from the streets and building demolition sites to compose his large-scale metal works that typically feature an unpolished patina. Dayton now lives and works in Los Angeles, where he continues to create abstract compositions, often given lyrical names such as Dance Step (2015) or Tall Personage (2014), that contradict the rigidity of stainless steel with dynamic curved and diagonal …

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