Wendy White
American, born 1971
Selected exhibitions
Broken Language,
Shulamit Nazarian
Wendy White: Santa Cruz,
Eric Firestone Gallery
Metabolic Bodies,
David Castillo Gallery

Admitting “painting as a singular discipline isn’t my thing,” Wendy White creates mixed-media works, incorporating awnings, disused store front signage, digitally manipulated photographs, and found objects into her acrylic and spray painted canvases to capture the exuberance of New York City, her subject and muse. White sees the city as a palimpsest, with its streets and structures revealing the physical marks of millions of passersby and hundreds of years of use, reuse, and reinvention. Her canvases, too, are like palimpsests, layered with fragments of texts, images, passages of color, and gestural brushstrokes, all based on her observations of her urban environment and inspired by Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg. She describes her work as “a hybrid experience: painting and sculpture smashed together with buildings and streets, how it feels walking around a massive city, urban ghosts, forgotten architecture, new signs.”