Wilfredo Prieto
Cuban, born 1978
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Wilfredo Prieto - En la mente De Dios (In the mind of God),
Nogueras Blanchard
Annet Gelink Gallery
If you will it, it is not a dream,
Annet Gelink Gallery

Conceptual artist Wilfredo Prieto explores the power of humor as an artistic strategy in his installations and interventions. With brazen flamboyance, Prieto makes visual puns in literal yet unexpected ways—such as sweeping dust under a rug for one piece—and always subverts typical expectations of a gallery space. For Grasa, Jabón y Plátano (Grease, Soap and Banana) (2006), Prieto stacked the three titular objects, often seen to represent slipperiness, in the center of an otherwise empty gallery, perhaps alluding to the difficulty of assigning meaning to art; for Mute (2006) he transformed a gallery into a silent disco. Other installations are more politically pointed, as in his 2001 Apolítico (Apolitical), 30 publicly installed flagpoles flying national flags drained of their representative colors, thus making typical distinctions between the flags nearly invisible.

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