Will Ryman
American, born 1969
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Will Ryman: Two Rooms,
Prospect.3: Notes for Now,
Prospect New Orleans
Will Ryman: America,

Will Ryman is known for creating monumental public sculptures that transform and enliven the daily urban experience. In these works, Ryman represents natural subjects at many times their normal size and installs them in active city streets, as with Bee (2011). Viewed in this context, the colorful and eye-catching figures are fantastical, evoking a sense of childlike awe over things normally taken for granted. Ryman also creates indoor installations, manipulating the sizes of various objects to suggest their relative importance to the artist or viewer; a beer can, for instance, may be as large as a lamp. He is the son of minimalist painter Robert Ryman, and his style recalls the Pop Art of Jasper Johns and Claes Oldenburg, the latter also known for creating large-scale, good-humored public works.