William Lamb Picknell
American, 1854-1897

Landscape painter William Lamb Picknell is known for the bright, intense quality of light in his plein-air painting. Although Picknell did not associate with any one group of artists, in his early years he was deeply immersed in the American expatriate art scene in Europe, where he studied with George Inness and Robert Wylie, who had been curator of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He was also interested in 19th century French painting, especially Gustave Courbet’s realism. In 1876, Picknell had his first painting accepted into the prestigious Paris Salon, and exhibited at the Salon regularly throughout the 1870s-1890s. At the 1880 Paris Salon, Picknell received the first ever Honorable Mention for an American landscape painter, which assured future success as an artist.

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