Wong Hoy Cheong
Malaysian, born 1960

In his paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, performances, and installations, Wong Hoy Cheong examines the ramifications of human migration, ethnicity, and colonialism. His work is shaped by his upbringing in Malaysia, which he calls “perhaps the most complex multiethnic and cultural country in the world,” and his schooling at American universities, where, as he describes: “For the first time, I felt I was an object rather than subject.” Taking the point-of-view of objectified communities, Wong re-writes history to expose the stories buried within the dominant narratives. In Re:Looking (2002-03), he turned history on its head by screening a fake documentary about Malaysia’s colonization of Austria. More recently, in his Maid in Malaysia (2008) series, he plays with global commodification by photographing Malaysian housemaids in the guise of famous women in history and literature, …

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