Yana Movchan
Ukrainian, born 1971
Women's Show,
Miller Gallery

Yana Movchan's whimsical still lifes draw from the genre's rich history, while also reflecting the artist's unique sensibility. With the lush detail, rich tones, and classic objects (fruit, flowers) of Dutch still lifes from the 17th century, her tableaux are more playful, even disheveled, than didactic. Flower vases have toppled over, fruit has been eaten, and cats and birds often appear amid her tablescapes. In Unexpected Guests, a top-heavy cat sits at the edge of the table, looking up at a small bird about to land on the stem of a flower. Another bird pecks at an apple in a dish, while a butterfly rests nearby. Disorderly and unpredictable, Movchan's paintings suggest that life can never truly be still.