Yang Xinguang
Chinese, born 1980
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Beijing Commune at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2018,
Beijing Commune
Yang Xinguang Bad Soil,
Beijing Commune
Yang Xinguang,
Beijing Commune

Yang Xinguang (杨心广) is more interested in exploring his materials than in making a statement, taking as his subject his own attempts to convey and create meaning rather than the result of those attempts. His works often emphasize the body’s position and phenomenological relationship to the artwork. For one group of paintings, he lashed rice paper with an ink-coated whip; the paper functioned as the receptive “yang” element, while his physical force operated as the violent “yin.” His recent work includes scratched and indented gold panels that are meant to inspire wariness toward the attainment of money and fame and illustrate how easily they can be destroyed.