Yang Yong
Chinese, born 1975
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
CHAO Art Center 2018,
Tang Contemporary Art
YANG YONG 2016 杨勇,
Tang Contemporary Art
Pékin Fine Arts at Paris Photo 2012,
Pékin Fine Arts

Based in the rapidly growing southern city of Shenzhen, Yang Yong creates works that deal with provocative themes not addressed by the art establishment of Northern China. The artist started as an oil painter, creating emotionless depictions of airplane crashes and derailed trains. Recent projects have used photography to explore the ennui of day-to-day existence in the new Chinese economy, through cinematic photographs of country girls trying to make it in the city. His frank portraits of prostitutes, shown without judgment, call to mind the documentary work of Nan Goldin, while at the same time referencing the Cindy Sherman’s archetypes and the theatrically staged snapshots of Philip-Lorca diCorcia.