Yasmine Chatila
Egyptian, born 1974
Represented by industry leading galleries.

Yasmine Chatila takes voyeuristic photographs of urban life, a practice inspired after picking up a pair of binoculars in a friend’s apartment. Chatila has since made a practice of observing the “theatre of life” occurring through other peoples’ windows, explaining that she is most interested in how people behave in their own homes when they are “unselfconscious and uninhibited by social masks.” Although some of her subjects are overtly sexual, as in The Bachelor, Wall Street, Friday (2007), Chatila maintains that her main impetus is not physical desire, but rather an almost “scientific” urge to understand how people function. Chatila typically uses technology to blur her subjects so they cannot be recognized, a step taken both to protect these peoples’ identities and to suggest that the experiences depicted in her works are ones to which many people can relate.

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