Yinarupa Nangala
Australian, ca. 1948
Selected exhibitions
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery at Seattle Art Fair 2018,
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
Songlines XXIX: Desert Country,
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
Tracks: Land and Landscape in Aboriginal Art,
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

Continuing the traditions of the Papunya Tula Aboriginal art cooperative, Yinarupa Nangala paints abstract aerial views of the ‘Ngamurru’ in Kiwirrkurra, Western Australia, a meeting place for Aboriginal women. Predominantly painted in black, white, and red, her works are composed of dots, lines, and circles with particular attention paid to the spacing and rhythm of their distribution. These forms serve as symbols representing rock holes (water sources in the desert), seeds, ceremonial objects, and geographic locations; her paintings are at once topographic depictions of the landscape and recordings of the very rituals that are enacted there. Nangala is the daughter of the well known painter Anatjari Tjampitjinpa, a founding member of the Papunya Tula artists.