Yudith Levin
Israeli, born 1949
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Placed Someplace with Intent,
Dvir Gallery
Innocent Materials,
Dvir Gallery
Yudith Levin : New Paintings,
Dvir Gallery

Over an artistic career spanning more than three decades, Yudith Levin has been creating paintings on both traditional and untraditional supports, covering canvases as well as scraps of discarded plywood found on the streets of Tel Aviv with expressive, gestural brushstrokes and semi-abstract figures and landscapes. By combining abstraction and figuration and using deliberately vague titles, Levin makes evocative works that are open to varied readings, such as Holding Something (2004). In this work, either one or both of the two blurred foreground figures seem to grapple with an indeterminate being, object, or force. Locked in visual and psychological tension, the bodies of the figures seem uncomfortably merged and the thing that they hold seems to arch backwards with resistance.