Yuri Masnyj
American, born 1976
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Yuri Masnyj liberally quotes the visual cues of modernism, from Pablo Picasso's guitars to Paul Klee's stripes and Kasimir Malevich's squares. His graphite drawings depict imaginary interiors furnished with mass-produced shelves, bookcases, and construction methods that recall the utopian grid. In 2006, the lines, arcs, and circles of his Constructivist-inflected drawings evolved into three-dimensional forms, combining roughly crafted supports with hand-cast, brightly colored versions of everyday objects like bottles, bowls, books, paintings, and furniture, all bound with PVC tape. By suggesting that the lofty social, political, and aesthetic ideas of yesterday often end up as simple, domestic decoration, Masnyj reminds viewers that the zeitgeist is fleeting.

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