Yvonne Venegas
Mexican-American, born 1970
Selected exhibitions
Shoshana Wayne Gallery at Paris Photo 2017,
Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Yvonne Venegas, "San Pedro Garza Garcia",
Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Maria Elvia de Hank Series,
Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Born in the U.S. and raised in Mexico, Yvonne Venegas takes candid portrait photographs of Mexico’s upper classes. Her series “The Most Beautiful Brides of Baja California” focuses on the lives of Tijuana’s well-heeled women and their social circles, serving as a counterpoint to the more formal images taken by her father, who worked as one of the top bridal photographers in the city. Capturing behind-the-scenes images of women during their social rituals, Venegas has said, “I became interested in seeking their fragile moments when they were unprepared for the picture and unconscious of their own appearance.” For over four years, Venegas was permitted to document the life and home of Maria Elvia De Hank, wife of millionaire and former mayor of Tijuana, Jorge Hank Rohn. Her images are quietly critical of the world depicted, and her titles—Watch or Bag—point toward the material concerns of …

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