Zhoujie Zhang
Chinese, born 1984
Selected exhibitions
Design Shanghai 2017,
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Mesh State - Zhoujie Zhang Solo Show,
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Design Shanghai,
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Furniture designer Zhoujie Zhang is known for the integration of automated digital design and elements of spontaneity and chance. “I believe that objects in the digital world will grow as nature does, in an organic way, but we just need to discover why and how that happens,” he once said. To produce his objects, Zhang inputs basic mathematical instructions into a computer and allows the program to generate their forms. The pieces are then cut, assembled, and polished by hand in his in-house workshop; consequently, they exist in highly limited edition sizes. In the future, he envisions using a method of production with the aid of artificial intelligence, in which he takes as little control as possible. Zhang received a degree in product design in China, and an MA in industrial design from Central Saint Martins in London.