Spanish, born 1947
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Maison Gerard at The International Fine Art and Antiques Show 2014,
Maison Gerard
40th Anniversary of Maison Gerard,
Maison Gerard
Zigor: Le Silence des Formes,
Maison Gerard

Kepa Akixo, who has been known since the ’70s by his nickname “Zigor”, creates small- and large-scale, nature-inspired sculptures in wood and metal, resembling organic forms. Influenced by the rocky landscape of his native Basque region, Zigor fashions steel blocks, casts works in bronze, and produces interlocking, stacked woodcarvings. “You can see it in the roundness of the forms, and the sense of attrition,” he has said. “There’s also the sensation that my sculptures were created a very long time ago.”