Zsolt Asztalos
Hungarian, born 1974
Selected exhibitions
Viltin at ARCOmadrid 2015,
VILTIN Gallery
Viltin at ARCO Madrid 2014,
VILTIN Gallery
Viltin at Artissima 2014,
VILTIN Gallery

Zsolt Asztalos’s multimedia, conceptual works use themes of technology and science to explore contemporary human interactions and internal states. His works have engaged with the laws of physics and the chemical behavior of atoms, in particular as they relate to behavioral patterns or psychology. In a better-known series, Asztalos printed images of animals and people on computer circuit boards. While he expresses his love for science and its instruments, he has said that his primary interest lies in people: “Basically, I am looking for the human trait in everything, and if I find it in science it is just a coincidence.” More recently, Asztalos has been playing with the theme of explosives, like molecules that comprise combustible systems, and undetonated bombs from World War II, which for him serve as symbols of tension, power, and conflict.