4 Blind Mice: Christo Booth, ‘Titled 'Mouse Bride Dreams of Silver', 'Silver Scream' painted on other side of the door’, 2012, Museum of African Design (MOAD)

Artist's Statement
• We The 4 Blind Mice are on a journey
• This journey is about a search
• The search for “a true communication”
• “Or at least the quest for such a communication”
• “The adventure of finding it and losing it”
• “We the unappeased the un-accepting will continue to look”
• “Filling in the silences with our own wishes, fears and fantasies”
• “Driven forward by the fact that, no matter how empty the world seems”
• “No matter how degraded and used up the world appears to us”
• “We know that anything is still possible”
• “And that, given the right circumstances”
• “That a new world is just as likely as an old one”

Image rights: Photographer: Louis Grobler Artwork copyright holder: Christo Booth

The 4 Blind Mice is a visual arts collective, Artists - Christo Noel Booth, Mawande Mase, Monde Patrick Goniwe and Andy Higgins

The group originated in 2009 out of a shared desire to share studio space, because of their experience together at NMMU Art School.
The Mice believe as artists that their journeys are fused together.
Visually their individual works are quite different, but at the same time when viewed in the same space, their works feed off each other, collectively making them stronger.
The Mice also believe in the power of the studio, that it binds them together, to feed off each other’s process and in so doing deliver energy that drives them forward.
They are all emerging creatives from Nelson Mandela Bay and are fully determined to pursue their careers in art. Their work offer viewers an alternative and subversive reality, creating a new identity, which in turn transforms the viewer’s surroundings.

In the end “Art is not our ultimate goal, but the occasion and the method used for locating our own specific rhythm and varied possibilities of our time” – Waking Life

About 4 Blind Mice: Christo Booth