‘A Deruta Maiolica Charger’, ca. 1535, Christie's Old Masters

This charger was possibly commissioned as a token of love and may have been associated with a marriage. The subject and treatment of the figures and flowers is very similar to those both on a dish formerly in the Scott-Taggart Collection (Christie's London, 14 April 1980, lot 10) illustrated by Carmen Ravanelli Guidotti, 'Alcuni inediti per il III volume del Corpus della maiolica italiana datata di Gaetano Ballardini', Faenza, 2003, no. 1-6, pl. III, fig. a. and on a shallow footed bowl in the Wallace Collection, London, illustrated by A.V.B. Norman, Wallace Collection, Catalogue of Ceramics 1, Pottery, Maiolica, Faience, Stoneware, London, 1976, pp. 91-92, no. C37. The Wallace Collection bowl bears a large letter S on the reverse, a mark which is also found on the reverse of a plate in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, illustrated by Bernard Rackham, Catalogue of Italian Maiolica, London, 1940, II, pl. 119, no. 755.