A Kassen, ‘Bronze Pour XIX’, 2016, Galleri Nicolai Wallner

About A Kassen

A Kassen—the Copenhagen-based collective comprised of Christian Bretton-Meyer, Morten Steen Hebsgaard, Soren Petersen, and Tommy Petersen—plays with traditional notions of authorship, appropriation, and appraisal. Described by the artists as “performative installation and sculpture,” their work deconstructs and reconstitutes everyday objects, artworks by other artists, and historical exhibitions to question canonized styles and modes of display related to art history and institutional culture. In their best-known series “The Color of Things,” the artists photograph objects then pulverize them, presenting the resultant monochromatic dust alongside the photographic effigy of the original form. The series addresses dichotomies such as image versus object, form versus function, life versus death, and commemoration versus reinvention.

Danish, collaborative since 2004, based in Copenhagen, Denmark