Aage Birck, ‘Pentagonal Vase’, 2007, Maison Gerard

Signature: Signed and dated: Birck 07

About Aage Birck

Aage Birck combines classical ceramic forms with angular geometric protrusions and salt glaze finishes. Born and based in Copenhagen, Birck begins with simple vessel forms, which he then contorts into sharp-edged planes and surfaces that reflect a mid-century modernist sensibility. In some works, he follows a readymade thread, crafting artworks that echo the tools in his studio; in others, he affixes iron objects to the ceramics, which introduce a rigidity and solidity to the fragile medium. Salt glazes unify Birck’s body of work; the black-speckled surfaces create visual texture and the appearance of natural aging.

Danish, b. 1941, Copenhagen, Denmark