Aaron Morse, ‘Study for Timeline’, 2011, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions: Benefit Auction 2017

Aaron Morse is a Los Angeles-based artist. Morse’s larger-than-life collage work addresses a myriad of topics, ranging from 19th century Roman literature to 21st century current events. Morse uses collage to connect these themes cohesively, and contrives an other-worldly environment which challenges the linear or traditional relationship between established setting and time. His mystic use of desert, mountain, and other natural scenes invoke a nostalgia for the geographic riches of Arizona, where Morse grew up. Aaron Morse’s work blurs the constructs of time and space, and his large, expressive artistic visions remind viewers to consider what is around them, rather than what is coming next.
Courtesy of LACE

Signature: verso

About Aaron Morse

Combining painting and collage, American artist Aaron Morse strives to make sense of the past and the present, connecting the two so as to examine the future. Morse’s zigzagging timelines explore both historical and mythical themes, from dreamlike mountain treks to space exploration. His scenes are envisioned from above or in cross-sections. The faded colors of the tangled imagery on top of crinkled terrains evoke the remnants of time passed and require the viewer to slow down in order to grasp a bigger picture.

American, b. 1974, Tucson, Arizona, based in Los Angeles, California

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