Abbas Kiarostami, ‘Snow No. 31’, 2002, Rossi & Rossi

About Abbas Kiarostami

A cinematic luminary, Abbas Kiarostami is a leading figure among Iran’s post-revolution artists, and widely celebrated for his photography and award-winning films. Whereas his movies tackle polemical and metaphysical questions through intimate and humble meditations on the featured characters, Kiarostami’s photographs tend to capture the more conventional themes of landscape and nature. Kiarostami has a simple approach to photographic subjects, taking pictures of a rainy windshield, for example. Yet these subtle scenes represent contemplative and poetic moments to revel in and provide relief from urban life by offering an escape to the natural world. “Not being able to feel the pleasure of seeing a magnificent landscape with someone else is a form of torture,” the artist has said. “That is why I started taking photographs. I wanted somehow to eternalize those moments of passion and pain.”

Iranian, 1940-2016, Tehran, Iran