Abelardo Morell, ‘Flowers For Lisa #28’, 2016, Edwynn Houk Gallery

Framed dimensions for the 30 x 22.5: 39.25 x 30.75 inches (99.7 x 78.1 cm); Framed dimensions for the 40 x 30: 49.25 x 38.75 inches (125.1 x 98.4 cm); Framed dimensions for the 60 x 45: 71.25 x 55.75 inches (181 x 141.6 cm)

Signature: Signed and editioned by the artist, titled and dated on label, verso.

About Abelardo Morell

Cuban-born photographer Abelardo Morell surveys both the intimate and the majestic in his photographs of American people, objects, and landscapes. Morell initially worked in the tradition of Lee Friedlander and Gary Winogrand, photographing street scenes in New York. His interests later shifted to a more intimate yet still pedestrian scale, capturing black-and-white images of domestic objects. In 1991, Morell returned to the street, shooting scenes on a grander scale with a self-constructed camera obscura. The return to this centuries-old technology allowed Morell to better understand the origins of his medium and capture cities at a scale he felt was appropriate for comprehending them. In recent years, he transformed his camera obscura into a mobile tent, moving it to locations throughout America to capture landscapes on a monumental scale.

American, b. 1948, Havana, Cuba, based in Boston, Massachusetts

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