Abraham Cruzvillegas, ‘Autoconstrucción: Low Budget Rider’, 2009, Museum of Arts and Design

Image rights: Abraham Cruzvillegas and Kurimanzutto, Mexico City

Courtesy of the artist and Kurimanzutto, Mexico City

About Abraham Cruzvillegas

Inspired by the civic-minded and resourceful Ajusco neighborhood in Mexico City where he grew up, Abraham Cruzvillegas creates sculptures, films, and installations that demonstrate the interconnectedness of people and things. Working under the rubric of “Autoconstrucción,” Cruzvillegas employs such common materials as scarves, pieces of fruit, animal feces, and handmade crafts to create a folk art aesthetic. His AC Mobile (2008)—a vehicle made with objects including modified bicycles, a car stereo, video projector, and a tea flask—reflects the DIY nature of both Cruzvillegas’s art and the artist’s ever-shifting identity.

Mexican, b. 1968, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Mexico