Ad van Denderen, ‘So Blue So Blue, Arenal, Spain’, 2004, West Den Haag

About Ad van Denderen

Working within the tradition of Social Realism, photographer Ad van Denderen travels around Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, documenting the experiences of refugees, illegal immigrants, and other modern-day nomads. His oeuvre largely revolves around war, interrogation, internment, forced labor, and other institutional wartime practices that victimize these migratory peoples. In his most renowned series, “Go No Go” (1997-2010), he documented the privations suffered by the men and women who risk their lives illegally immigrating to Europe from the developing world. Van Denderen’s photographs capture the entire process from his subjects’ beginnings in their home countries to the different paths each takes upon arrival, ranging from capture and confinement to working illegally in order to survive.

Dutch, b. 1943, Zeist, Netherlands