Adam Berg, ‘Manifolds  III’, 2012, Edward Cella Art and Architecture

About Adam Berg

Adam Berg’s paintings and sculptures build on his academic training in the philosophy of science, exploring the spatial and temporal dimensions of an object’s environment. Berg’s sculptural works are made of reflective metals that fold into themselves, refracting their surroundings. His paintings reference particle accelerators in their titles and similarly embody virtual spaces where lines and bright colors collide and bend into and out of one another. Although Berg’s work is driven by a fascination with science, his turn to art suggests a need for mysteries and intensities beyond cold facts and experiments. “The need of the metaphysical is a real need, the need in the fully physical and not its reduction to some aspects of the real,” Berg has said.

Israeli, b. 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel, based in Los Angeles, California

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Rough Play Projects, 
Joshua Tree, CA, USA,
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