Adam Ross, ‘The Hell of Connectivity #2’, 2014, Galerie Richard
Adam Ross, ‘The Hell of Connectivity #2’, 2014, Galerie Richard

Signature: Signed on Back of work

Image rights: Galerie Richard

Galerie Richard New York 2014 - Last Exit

Direct from the Artist's studio

About Adam Ross

Adam Ross walks the line between abstraction and realism in his complex, layered paintings. His landscapes are apocalyptic explosions of color, bold and inventive compositions that suggest urban scenes descending into chaos, while his abstractions appear gridded, structured, and somehow familiar. Ross’s process is meticulous and labor-intensive, his works often representing the accumulation of up to 60 layers of paint; in this way he creates nuanced, intricate variations of saturated color that lend his surface a highly absorbing, almost vortex-like quality.

American, b. 1962, Pasadena, California, based in Los Angeles, California

Solo Shows

Angles Gallery, 
Los Angeles,
In an Indeterminate Place

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