Adeline de Monseignat, ‘In the Flesh I’, 2015, Cob

About Adeline de Monseignat

Adeline de Monseignat’s kinetic sculptures and installations are inspired by surrealism, the art of Louise Bourgeois, and Freud’s concept of the uncanny—the ghostly, creepy, or unfamiliar. “I also like to play with that tension of attraction-repulsion,” she has said. Created with tactile elements such as fur, glass, and globs of wet ink, de Monseignat’s works are built to trigger strong and often uncomfortable emotional responses. Her sculpture of a double-decker sandwich stuffed with oozing paint exemplifies the artist’s eye for extreme juxtaposition. De Monseignat’s recent series of “creature-sculptures” features silky furs encased inside ovular glass objects with anthropomorphizing touches; in one case she placed a swaddle-like cloth around the creation. Inspired, in part, by feminist artists’ use of unconventional materials, the young de Monseignant has rapidly risen to prominence thanks to her ability to elucidate complex theoretical concepts.

Dutch-Monegasque, b. 1987, Monaco, based in London, United Kingdom

Group Shows

London ,
The Behaviour of Being
Rook & Raven, 
Material Identity