Ado Chale, ‘Table by Ado Chale’, 2010, 88 Gallery

About Ado Chale

Ado Chale’s tables, sculptures, bowls, and other objects express an interest in the expansive possibilities of the natural world. Chale incorporates a wide variety of materials, textures, and forms in his work. He creates rich mosaics made of wood, stone, metal—and even unusual materials such as peppercorns—spread across the surface of tables. He then coats the tables with a clear resin, which provides a flat surface while preserving the visibility of the carefully selected materials. In his beautiful Circular low table, round marcasite crystals are perceptible along the rich, black tabletop. In other pieces, such as the “Gouette d’eau” side tables, Chale uses large slabs of cast bronze or aluminum to create monolithic objects. Interior designer Troy Seidman has praised Chale, remarking, “I think a lot of men respond to Ado Chale’s work because his pieces are like jewelry for a room.”

Belgian, b. 1928, Brussels, Belgium, based in Brussels, Belgium