Adrian Wong, ‘Untitled (Grates VI/VII-B: Derrick Industrial Building/ Shun Tak Ferry Terminal)’, 2014, Rhona Hoffman Gallery

About Adrian Wong

A video, installation, and performance artist, Adrian Wong explores urban myths, superstitions, and folk tales, taking as his subjects feng shui consultants, exorcists, energy readers, and animal psychics. Wong was originally trained in research psychology, a field that informs much of his work, often delving into psychic narratives and absurdist story-telling. For Sang Yat Fai Lok (2008), Wong recreated a live children’s television show, in which he assumed the role of host. For his exhibition “Rodentia in Absentia” (2012), Wong lived with a rabbit, two hamsters, and numerous rats for six weeks, observing their behavior and building objects for them to chew, scratch, and play with, which he then exhibited as sculptures. Wong has also plumbed Hong Kong’s history and popular culture to produce surreal settings and objects. “I’m not looking for universal facts; I’m looking for more subjective and affective entry points,” he has said.

American, b. 1980, Chicago, Illinois, based in Hong Kong, China

Solo Shows

Hong Kong,
Rodentia in Absentia