After Andy Warhol, ‘Original Memorial Mass Card - St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC’, 1987, Alpha 137: Prints and Exhibition Ephemera

This is a rare, two-sided mass card from Andy Warhol's memorial mass, which was held on April 1, 1987 at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. The front of the card depicts Warhol's 1985 painting Raphael I, and the back is the mass program, including prelude, scriptures (read by Brigid Berlin), list of speakers, communion, postlude, celebrant, and text describing the meal that was served to hundreds of homeless people in honor of Andy Warhol. There is also a mention that the flowers will be donated to Mother Teresa and the NYC Parks Department. This is a rare piece of art history and a must-have for serious fans and collectors of Andy Warhol. Limited edition collectors' item, though exact number printed at the time is not known.
--Courtesy of Alpha 137 Gallery

Handed out to attendees at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC.

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