Robert Laurie, ‘A Tigress lying on the ground’, circa 1780, Christie's

Without watermark, a very good impression of the third, final state, published by Laurie & Whittle, London, 1800, with small margins, a repaired vertical tear through the upper half of the image, some creases and other minor defects at the sheet edges.
Plate 495 x 585 mm., Sheet 536 x 626 mm.

About Robert Laurie

British, 1755-1836, London, United Kingdom, based in Broxbourne, United Kingdom

About George Stubbs

During his lifetime, George Stubbs was famous for his paintings of domestic and exotic animals, and was thought to have produced the most anatomically precise images of horses. Stubbs was an avid student of anatomy, having contributed illustrations to a treatise on midwifery and his own publication The Anatomy of the Horse in 1766—a hugely influential volume among naturalists and artists alike. Though he painted genre scenes, landscapes, and history paintings with less success, Stubbs was characterized as a sporting painter and denied membership to the Royal Academy for lack of rigor in his subject. Few of his paintings survive undamaged because Stubbs painted with thin and diluted oils.

British, 1724-1806, Liverpool, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom