Agard Hagman, ‘Botanical illustration of Casuarina suberosa (She-Oak) ’, 1887, Powerhouse Museum

Watercolour, botanical drawing, 'Casuarina suberosa' (She-Oak), paper / canvass painted by Agard Hagman, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1887.

Agard Hagman was commissioned by the Museum to paint a series of botanical illustrations of economic plants in the 1880s.

Economic botany was an important focus in the early years of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

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Signature: Artist's name in lower left corner, in black 'Ag. Hagman ad nat' Artist's signature near end of branch, handwritten in black 'Agn'.

Image rights: Image provided by the Powerhouse Museum

Painting commissioned by the Museum in 1887.

About Agard Hagman

Swedish-Australian, based in Sydney, Australia