Agent X, ‘La Statue de la Liberté (blanc)’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Agent X is an experimental multimedia artist, working at the forefront of contemporary art with a unique aesthetic that juxtaposes pop culture, fashion, music, politics and race. His memorable moniker hints at the ungraspable nature of his art, which shifts from piece to piece, never the same while always seeking to probe the role of the artwork. Poignantly, the name Agent X also alludes to a brutal moment in American history: X signifies the last name commonly given to African American slaves and, working under this pseudonym, the elusive artist strives to honour the victims of this history, seeing himself as “a slave to my art in a twisted way.” Taking the Statue of Liberty as the main motif, Agent X transforms the famous colossal neoclassical sculpture to reveal a richly coloured, Baroque-style, floral pattern made up of brilliant whites, blues, red, oranges and green. An icon representing Libertas, the Roman goddess, her recognisable features alongside the meaning of the flower motif set against the white background elevate the image to have a much more powerful meaning. Sumptuously beautiful, and rendered with a deft lightness of touch, La Statue de la Liberté beautifully captures the elusive nature of visual art.

About Agent X