Agent X, ‘Starfighter Maximiliano Deimos’, 2017, Addicted Art Gallery

Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist.

Series: 2017 Fall Collection Agent X's new series deals with questions about dystopia. Are we in the middle of a cataclysmic decline in society? Is it too late to turn things around so we're living in a utopia? Agent X has a few words about the direction his new series has taken... “Planet Earth has gone to shit! Between Trump, misogyny, racism, war, genocide, etc. I had to get off the planet and so did my art. The way I did this was by going back to the movies that inspired me as a kid, and now as an adult - films like Interstellar, Blade Runner, Star Wars and other Sci-Fi cinema.”

Signature: Hand signed and numbered

Image rights: Agent X

Arty-Fact: 'Starfighter Maximiliano Deimos' is influenced by the long history and tradition of starfighters in the movie and sci-fi genre, and their crews: Luke Skywalker, Alex Rogan, Wilma Deering and others among them.

Starfighter is a catch-all term for a variety of spacecraft in science fiction; these crafts often feature shield mechanisms, hyperspace capability and sometimes, have mission designations similar to real-world fighter aircraft.

In 'Starfighter Maximiliano Deimos' graffiti in futuristic colours overlays a beautiful vignette.

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