Agnieszka Knap, ‘Found in the Forest, Necklace’, 2017, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

The "Found in the Forest Necklace" is part of the "What Could It Be" project. The project has its origin in the Rorschach personality test and its inkblots images. The famous Swiss psychiatrist tried to map the human experience using simple drawings to trigger associative unconscious thought. Knap is interested in the idea that art can be used as a tool to understand another human being. She regards that a piece of jewelry can have a similar function - it can reveal us to others or make a connection.

The artist translated all the Rorschach images into three-dimensional objects. To gain access to inner thoughts of others she created a performance, Dr Knap Qualified Jewellery Artist. In an interview-like situation she asked the audience what they see in a particular object. The collected associations are the ground for the new body of work.

When shown an object from the series, the respondents told the artist the the object looked like something "found in the forest".

Signature: Signed and stamped on back.

Inger Wastberg, Contemporary Swedish Art Jewelry (Stockholm: Arvinius + Orfeus, 2013): 107.

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