Ahmad Moualla, ‘Ana Al Jameel, Abu Firas Al Hamdani’, Artscoops

About Ahmad Moualla

Ahmad Moualla, who studied classical calligraphy, graphics, and visual communication, calls himself a painter and a designer. He is recognized as one of the leading exponents in contemporary Syrian expressionism, and was one of the first of his peers to introduce performance into his work. Moualla has become known for his large-scale figural paintings and a theatrical sense of composition; he explores the relationship between society and the individual, blurring the boundaries between past and present, reality and fiction. More recently, Moualla has begun to incorporate calligraphic elements into his work, which he considers closely related to his representational figuration. In these, the calligraphy is not always legible, sometimes only serving as a texture.

Syrian, b. 1958, Damascus, based in France

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