Ai Weiwei, ‘White House Hand Signed’, The Skateroom
Ai Weiwei, ‘White House Hand Signed’, The Skateroom
Ai Weiwei, ‘White House Hand Signed’, The Skateroom

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“My favourite word is ‘act’. I am partnering with The Skateroom for that very reason”.
Ai Weiwei – 2017
The Skateroom has teamed up with contemporary Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei for the second time, to launch a limited edition deck of his influential artwork “Study of Perspective – White House”.
This new limited edition is based on Ai Weiwei’s provocative artwork that was presented during a controversial art exhibition “Fuck Off” which ran alongside the Third Shanghai Biennale in 2000.
In respect with the economic model defended by The Skateroom, a significant part of the profit of this edition will be used to support social initiatives making the world a better place.
Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist who resides and works in both Berlin and Beijing. He studied animation at the Beijing Film Academy, then studied art in New York in the early 80’s. Upon returning to China a decade later, Ai Weiwei advocated for experimental artists by publishing underground books and curating avant-garde exhibitions.
He has worked in many mediums, including sculpture, installation, photography, architecture and film. He is an outspoken advocate of human rights and freedom of speech.

Series: Set of 3 skateboard decks Each deck: 31in x 8in

Signature: First 66 provided with a certificate hand signed by the artist Hand numbered Hand-signed certificate

Manufacturer: The Skateroom

“Study of Perspective – White House” is an iconic example of a larger body of work by Ai Weiwei that melds art and activism, and is an overt critical response to the current political climate in the United States.
Study of Perspective, a series of images shot between 1995 and 2003, shows the artist flipping the finger against different buildings across the globe, either landmarks or symbols of authority.
The gesture, captured using a snapshot aesthetic, confronts its viewer with a universal and concise statement of Ai Weiwei’s political opposition.

About Ai Weiwei

A cultural figure of international renown, Ai Weiwei is an activist, architect, curator, filmmaker, and China’s most famous artist. Open in his criticism of the Chinese government, Ai was famously detained for months in 2011, then released to house arrest. “I don’t see myself as a dissident artist,” he says. “I see them as a dissident government!” Some of Ai’s best known works are installations, often tending towards the conceptual and sparking dialogue between the contemporary world and traditional Chinese modes of thought and production. For Sunflower Seeds (2010) at the Tate Modern, he scattered 100 million porcelain “seeds” handpainted by 1,600 Chinese artisans—a commentary on mass consumption and the loss of individuality. His infamous Coca Cola Vase (1994) is a Han Dynasty urn emblazoned with the ubiquitous soft-drink logo. Ai also served as artistic consultant on the design of the “Bird’s Nest” stadium for Beijing’s 2008 Olympics, and has curated pavilions and museum exhibitions around the globe.

Chinese, b. 1957, Beijing, China, based in Beijing, China