Aiko Hachisuka, ‘Pro Weight’, 2011, Eleven Rivington

About Aiko Hachisuka

Aiko Hachisuka turns found fabric and clothing into elaborate soft sculptures. Hachisuka stitches the garments together and stuffs them with foam, such that their eventual form is both abstract and faintly reminiscent of the human body. She sometimes attaches the clothes to the frame of a piece of furniture, which then takes on its shape or further obscures it. In the past, Hachisuka has found her raw materials in garage sales—sometimes using a family’s clothes and their furniture to make a work—as well as her own worn garments. Her practice also includes a printmaking approach, in which she folds and silkscreens an article’s surface in a single hue before incorporating it into a larger work. This process is related to a series of prints on paper, which bear the impressions of loosely folded clothing in bright colors.

Japanese, b. 1974, Nagoya, Japan, based in Los Angeles, California