Aimee Elizabeth Parker, ‘Male Torso’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Working as both an Art Psychotherapist and Artist, Aimée Elizabeth Parker has always been fascinated with the human form using life drawing as a significant foundation for the majority of her work. After initial sketches and ideas, the artist then began her move towards semi-realism and deconstruction of images. Through searching for line, shape and pattern within the body, the artist looks to extract discoveries and manipulate them into a form of their very own. Whilst this process focuses predominantly on the visual, since becoming an Art Psychotherapist, her work has successfully able to take on further influences from a less aesthetic, more experiential perspective.

Set against a jet black background, Parker is successful in expressing the silhouette of the body through a bright white outline of an arm. Despite the image missing the general anatomy, one can recognise the reference to the human body.